by The Speak Low

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Mental breakdowns, addictions, self-made messes and separation anxiety. Recorded between 2006 - 2011. Songs to help me sleep.


released July 7, 2011

All songs written, recorded and produced by The Speak Low



all rights reserved


The Speak Low Sacramento, California

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Track Name: Take Your Time
Do you think much of me or am I just a little bit less than what you need? Is it wrong to want you? I've waited for a lifetime just to get this close. I keep trying to get through but I could never find my way back to you. Keep it together. Watch you go. Promise forever but I can't be yours. Do you think it could be? Are the clouds falling? Do you think that she sings a song for me? Letting go. Take your time today. Letting go. Take your time with me.
Track Name: When I'm Wrong
I'll try to smile. I'll try to stay awhile.
But the scenes not changing and your lips aren't saying much.
And I see nothing coming from this.
I've held on too long to what I can't keep.
I leave with my love. I leave with my head.
I leave with my heart. I lead with my heart.

I try to smile. Tried to stay for awhile.
But it's not worth the pain. Not worth me to change.
I know when I'm wrong. I know when I can't change.
I know if this thing is real I'll lose it the way I lose everything.

So go on your own. Leave me with the wolves.
So go on your own. Leave me underground.
Because I only bring pain. Yeah I only bring shame.

I tried to smile. Tried to stay for awhile.
But the scenes not changing and you still keep
Track Name: I'll Only Get Colder Now
And I heard you say "Take a chance with me." And I heard you scream "I will always care!" Take a chance with me. Let me help instead. Let me hold you down. Let me be there. And you go on your own again. And you lead me along Oh and I am suppose to feel nothing. I am suppose to feel the same.

So I go on my way. Leave your head in the clouds. Listen close to the stars. Listen close to their tales. Follow where you left clues. Follow where they were through with you. Lead them all to the end. To a slaughter of lovers. I was meant to be 1. Be alone on my own. They will all taint me dead. They will all leave me dead. Sing a song for their crimes. Sing a song for their lies. Sing a song of why I always keep myself light. I'll Only Get Colder Now....
Track Name: Tumors
Hiding in humor. It's a facade and you caught on. This guilt like a tumor. Promise a cure within reach. Are they just pretending? To begin we had to end. Separated by our secrets. They keep pulling on the threads. When I fall to pieces will you catch me in your hands? They were waiting for this day. Capitalize on these sighs. When we never separated. When we said our goodbyes. When they held us by our hearts we were intertwined. But I said it once before. More times than you'd believe.
Track Name: In Waves
Close to the edge. Can I slip through?
Bodies around keep us from us.
Miles away I can feel it coming in waves.
Pull me closer.
Lie down for me. Let love take you.

Close to the end. Where's my lover?
Heartaches and eyes keep me from you.
Miles away I can feel love coming in waves.
Pull me closer.
Lie down for me. Let love take you.
Track Name: Forever But Never
You escape from a falling plane. Floating free you can fly away from me trying to fake just to hear you say you'll always be here next to me.

Forever but never will I hear you say my name.
No, never will I ever see your face.
Forever will I carry yesterday without you.

You gave me something for the pain. A quick save leaving me insane. I'm nothing pumping through your veins. Remember all that's in between.

Can it be so easy? What if we could still be?
I'll take anything.

You escape from a confused fate and I was wrong to bring you along. You look back only to forget I was anything.
Track Name: That Part Of Us
Will they love you still when they know everything?
Will they hold you till you are safe in his arms?
Will they bury you under hate or love?
If they could all see then its worth everything.
Still there's that part of us that we never want to show.
Every picture. Every word. Covers up a sadder world where I'm hurting all the time in my heart, in my mind.
I am hurting all the time in my heart, in my mind.

Will they love you still when they know everything?
Will they hold you til the end?

I'm falling.... I need you.... falling.... I need you....
Track Name: Out Of Sight
She holds me down so far. Pushes me out of reach. Tells me, “Go find another.” Tells me, “I’ve got another.” And that’s why I’m leaving this behind. And it’s mine though I’m leaving it behind. Strong arm be back to you. Tell me what we can do. Loving the way you are. Hating what we will be. But it’s mine though I’m leaving it behind. I don’t mind that’s why I’m leaving it behind. So go ahead… out of sight….
Track Name: In The Shade
Patience, I'm coming loose. I'm falling through again.
Held on for much too long. I wasn't built like you.
Why do I feel alone in such a crowded room?
They've come to put me down. I've lost my way somehow....

And I have felt this pain for so long.
And I have felt this way for so long.
And I have been this way for so long.
And I have felt this pain for so long.

Patience, where have you gone? It's all so strange today.
I need to feel something. I need to feel again.
All my new friends and lovers wrap themselves in two.
All my new protestants and everyone between screaming," Go! And save yourself! Yeah now go and be like us! Yeah now, Oh you've gone too far ahead."

And then their screams remind me why I'm here....

I hid myself away. I watched you from the shade.
Track Name: What I Am
So many times I wish I could start over.
Given a chance I'd make it all better
But when I try another problem begins.
When will it stop?
Please make it stop.
Is this all there is?
Is this what I am?
Am I even here?
Do I exist?
Track Name: My Favorite Disguise
Thought I had patience. Thought I had time for you.
Thought I could leave you in back of my mind for good.
Thought of a reason, ended up stuck in between.
Saw through the laughter. My favorite disguise.
Heard you were free now. Are you free?

I am so confused. I am so used.

I cannot save you. No it's not me.

No one is there. I am not there.